X Ray View Box

X Ray View Box
X Ray View Box
Full Digital Control
Super Bright LED Light Source with Quality Lead-frame and Big-size Epitaxial Chips
Imported Acrylic View Panel
Eye Protective Feature
PWM Low-Voltage Digital Continuous Dimming System
LED Constant Current Drive Power
Film Sensor
Improved Fixture

Super Bright SMD LED, CCT ≥ 8000K;
Lifespan ≥ 50000 h
Global Adaptive Power:AC90V-240V 50/60Hz
PWM Dimming System:can be modulated range from 1% to 100% continuously,Average Luminance : 0~4500cd/ m2
Uniformity ≥ 90%
Scattering diffusion>0.9
Fixture Needle Roller Fixture
Installation: wall mounting, bracket mounting
Application Scope: general film, digital film, breast mammography film
Application condition: room average luminance ≤ 100 lux
Cat. No. Description Qty / Case (Pcs)
BN-B-1C X Ray View Box, 1 bank, visual area 360x440mm, 30w 1
BN-B-2C X Ray View Box, 2 bank, visual area 720x440mm, 60w 1
BN-B-3C X Ray View Box, 3 bank, visual area 1080x440mm, 90w 1
BN-B-4C X Ray View Box, 4 bank,visual area 1440x440mm, 120w 1 
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