Warming Suit

Warming suit
Warming Suit

Warming blankets maintain a patient’s ideal body temperature before surgery and after surgery in the recovery room. At these critical times, patients are more susceptible to hypothermia related complications which can dramatically impact their health and healing.
The use of Warming Blankets eliminates potentially lethal complications in patients such as surgical site infections, altered drug metabolism, impaired blood clotting, and cardiovascular issues. Hypothermia causes the extremities to become cold due to vascular constriction. Soft-Flex Warming Covers provide direct warmth to these extremities through a controlled convective warming process, allowing them to dilate.
Warming Covers are designed to maximize patient comfort, diminish anxiety, and greatly reduce the likelihood of hypothermia-related complications. Warming Blankets are commonly found in EMS and PACU environments due to their efficient and effective ability to regulate patient temperature.
Compatible with most blowers
Blows warm air directly on patient or maximum comfort and protection
Conforms to the body for closer contact and even warming 
Reduces irritation to patient’s skin

Cat No.
Small size Warming Suit
39in x 45in
100cm x 115cm 
Medium Size Warming Suit
39xin x 55in
100cm x 140cm
Large Size Warming Suit
47in x 65in
120cm x 165cm 
Extra Large Size Warming Suit
47in x 76in
120cm x 192cm

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