Urine Drainage Bag 4000ml

Urine Drainage bag 4000ml
Urine Drainage Bag 4000ml

Scope of application: suitable for urine collection of incontinence patients, comatose patients and people with mobility difficulties, or for drainage or urine collection of patients after operation with other devices.

Product features: 
1. Special anti reflux device can prevent waste liquid from flowing back and avoid infection.
2. Multi stage pagoda connector can be connected with different specifications of catheter.
3. The bag body is transparent, and the scale value is clear and read; the scale line is set on the side, which is suitable for the measurement of less liquid.
4. The conduit is transparent, elastic and free of kinks.
5. Upper urination hole: large diameter, fast urine inflow. T type drain valve at the lower end: easy to operate with one hand, and can prevent the splashing of urine.
6. Safety hooks or ties are attached, which can be effectively fixed in a proper position.

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Urine Drainage Bag 4000ml
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