Urine Container with Boric Acid

Urine Container with Boric Acid
The new specimen containers include boric acid preservative. Boric acid helps to maintain the microbiological quality of the specimen and prevents overgrowth of organisms during transport to the lab. Boric acid containers are used commonly in most laboratories. The decision to move to boric acid containers is based on improving the quality of the test results.
The new boric acid containers will be supplied for routine microbiology urine analysis only. They should not be used for specimens requiring Chlamydia testing or a pregnancy test – for which a plain universal container should still be used.
The new containers are the standard 30ml universal size, with a red lid and a small amount of white boric acid powder in the bottom.

Material:PS or PP.
Volume:30ml capacity with 0.40g of Boric acid powder.
E.O sterile.
Red screw cap and leak prof, resistant to fall and to breakage during centrifugation.
Label available:with label or without label.

Cat No. Description Qty/Case
610501 30ml,PS,with boric acid,with label. 400
610502 30ml,PP,with boric acid,with label 400
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