Transport Medium Swabs

amies swab
Transport Medium Swabs

Recommend for aerobic,facultative anaerobic,fastidious aerobic and anaerobic bacteria possibly exist in the wound,nose,throat,nasopharyngeal,vagina or urogenital and shin specimens especially suited for specimens containing Neisseria gonorrhoeae.It is used for transporting gonococcal specimens to the laboratory.
The modified medium yielded a higher percentage of positive cultures.
EO sterile or Gamma sterile.
Type available: Amies medium,Amies with charcoal medium,Stuart medium and Cary-Blair Medium.

Tube material:PP  
Stick / tip: wood/cotton,wood/viscose,PS/cotton,PS/viscose or others.
Package: Bulk pack or single sterile paper blister pack.
Cap color:blue
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs )
613101Stuart Transport Swabs ,white cap
613102 Cary-Blair Transport Swabs ,red cap 1000
613103Amies Transport Swabs,blue cap
613104Amies with charcoal transport swabs,black cap

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