Spinal Needle

Spinal Needle
Spinal Needle
Spinal needle, transparent hub, easy to observe the cerebrospinal fluid discharge, hub with lock can keep the surface of needle bevel joint well.
No-hurt spinal needle, special design for needlepoint will not hurt the hard spinal theca, close puncture hole automatically and reduce cerebrospinal fluid discharge,
suitable shape and location of side hole ensure enough flux, meanwhile reduce the happening of faulty retardarce.
Cat. No. Description Color Code
Spinal Needle
120901 18G×90mm pink
120902 20G×90mm yellow
120903 21G×90mm green
120904 22G×90mm black
120905 23G×90mm blue
120906 24G×90mm purple
120907 25G×90mm orange
120908 26G×90mm brown
120909 27G×90mm grey
No Hurt Spinal Needle
120910 22G×90mm black
120911 23G×90mm blue
120912 24G×90mm purple
120913 25G×90mm orange
120914 26G×90mm brown
120915 27G×90mm grey
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