Specimen Urine Containers,30ml, Universal, Screw Cap

Specimen Urine Containers,30ml, Universal, Screw Cap

The plain urine containers used for urine microbiology culture.It can be used for Pregnancy testing,Chlamydia PCR testing,Legionella/pneumoccal antigen testing,urine for microscope and culture or other specimens culture appropriate.
Material:made of PS.
E.O sterile or non sterile.
Screw cap and leak prof, resistant to fall and to breakage during centrifugation.
Label available:with label or without label.
package:bulk pack or individuall sterile pack
Cat No. Description Qty/Case
610301 30ml urine container,PS,with label,sterile,individual pack 1000
610302 30ml urine container,PS,no label,sterile,individual pack 1000
610303 30ml urine container,PS,with label,non sterile,bulk pack 1000
610304 30ml urine container,PS,no label,non sterile,bulk pack 1000
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