Specimen Transport Bags

Specimen Transport Bags 
The specimen transport bag is made of high quality LDPE material  for durable yet flexible strength.
3 walls constuction including one speciment pouch with ziplock and one attached pouch to place the document. Therefore keeping paperwork dry and easy to get to during transit.
The reclosable bag protects health-care personnel from specimen leaks. The document pouch prevents the patient information from being misplaced or compromised
Customized priting are available.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
210601 Specimen Transport Bags, 4”x6” 3000
210602 Specimen Transport Bags, 6”x6” 3000
210603 Specimen Transport Bags, 6”x9” 2000
210604 Specimen Transport Bags,6”x10” 2000
210605 Specimen Transport Bags,8”x10” 2000
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