Silicone Gel Electrode Pads

Silicone gel electrode pads
TENS unit pulse stimulator electrode pads with silicone covered for medical consumables
Silicone gel tens electrode pad for TENS massage
Reusable self adhesive silicone pad tens massage machine 

Silicon rubber electrode pads, are use with TENS, EMS units and physical therapy supplies,health care massage ,medical device and so is used for massage of body relax, or arthritis treatment.
Backing material: Silicone rubber
Electrode conductor:supper conductive gel 
Connection: lead wire
Shape: square & round are available.
Package:opp bag,aluminum alloy bag or one side transparent aluminum bag.
The size can be specified.
1.Self adhesive, reusable and bio-compatible.
2.Good conductivity, strong adhesion with skin, safe and reliable.
3.Durable and Long lasting electrode pads.
4.Quick and easy to use, soft texture thin,low impedance and uniform conductive, comfortable treatment.
5. latex-free.
6.Storage temperature:10℃-40℃. 
Cat No. Description Qtys/Case (pcs)
715601 Silicone gel electrode pads , 4x4cm 3000
715602 Silicone gel electrode pads , 4x6cm 3000
715603 Silicone gel electrode pads , 5x7cm 3000
715604 Silicone gel electrode pads , 6x9cm 3000
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