Self Destruction Safety Syringe

retractable syringe
Self Destruction Safety Syringe

Retractable syringe,pull the needle back to barrel after using, reach the safely effect. 
Safety syringe,the plunger can be break to prevent reuse. 
Different sizes are available.
Auto destruct syringe with special design to prevent plunger slipping out, sterile, non pyrogenic, W/needle or w/o needle, needles size can be specified.
Meet the standard ISO7886-3.
Cat. No. Size Needle Size Qty/Case (Pcs)
412101 1ml 27G x 5/8’’ 2700
412102 3ml 25G x 4/5’’ 2400
412103 5ml 23G x 1’’ 1600
412104 10ml 22G x 1 1/4’’ 1200
412105 20ml 21G x 1 2/5’’ 800
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