Porous Capsicum Plaster

Porous Capsicum Plaster
Powerful, For external use
Capsicum, menthol crystals and borneol, etc.
The prepared drugs on the plaster can warm and penetrate into the subcutaneous tissues of the affected area to dilate the local vessels, stimulate blood circulation and relieve swelling with a marked effect in the treatment of pains arising from rheumatism, extreme changes in temperature, over-exertion and muscular fatigue.
Clean and dry the affected part. Remove the plastic covering from the adhesive side of the plaster, place the plaster to the affected area and press it gently until it adheres to the skin. It is effective for two or three days and then replace it, if necessary, with a new one.
1.      Don’t apply the plaster to the area with skin diseases, wounds or ulceration.
2.      Not recommended during pregnancy.
3.      At the very onset of application, a little burning feeling may result but without side effect.
4.      Stop using the plaster if feeling uncomfortable in the treatment.
Specification: 12 x 18cm per piece.
Package: One piece per individual paper bag and 24 bags per box.
Shelf life: 5 years.
Storage: Store in a shaded, well-closed, dry and cool place.

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Porous Capsicum Plaster, 12x18cm
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