Plastic Serological Pipettes

Plastic Serological Pipettes
Serological Pipette,Designed for quantitatively transferring and dispensing exact volumes of liquid.
Made of PS material.
Accurate graduation, easy to read,color-codes by size for identification.
Available with 6 capacity of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50ml
Sterile or non-sterile

Package type:individual sterile pack, bulk pack.
Cat No. Description Qty/Case
640601 Serological Pipettes,PS,1ml,yellow band color 4000
640602 Serological Pipettes,PS,2ml,green band color 3200
640603 Serological Pipettes,PS,5ml,blue band color 1800
640604 Serological Pipettes,PS,10ml,red band color 1200
640605 Serological Pipettes,PS,25ml,purple band color 800
640606 Serological Pipettes,PS,50ml,black band color 800
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