Plastic Petri Dishes

General Plastic Petri Dishes
Single use Petri Dish for microbiological procedures,as well suspension culture or plant cell culture.Made of non-cytotoxic virgin polystyrene,excellent optical clarity.Engineered for optimum flatness to provide uniform agar thickness.Single or more vent are available :novented for anaerobic and long-term work,single vent for limiting gas exchange ,multi vented for improving gas exchange.

E.O sterile

Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
611301 Plastic Petri Dish,35x15mm 1000
611302 Plastic Petri Dish,40x13mm 1000
611303 Plastic Petri Dish,55x15mm 1000
611304 Plastic Petri Dish,60x15mm 800
611305 Plastic Petri Dish,70x15mm 800
611306 Plastic Petri Dish,90x15mm,three vents 500
611307 Plastic Petri Dish,90x15mm,2grid/three vents 500
611308 Plastic Petri Dish,90x15mm,3grid/three vents 500
611309 Plastic Petri Dish,150x15mm 500
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