Foam Tens Electrode Pads Wire,Square type

Physiotherapy Tens Electrode Pads Wire,Square type
Foam Tens Electrode Pads Wire,Square type

Material: Foam with Conductive gel
Connection: Wire
Jack Diameter: Φ2.0mm
Shape: square type.
Size: 50*50mm,or customize.
Package:opp bag,aluminum alloy bag or other.

1.Self adhesive, reusable and bio-compatible.
2.Good conductivity, strong adhesion with skin, safe and reliable.
3.Durable and Safe structure.
4.Quick and easy to use, soft texture thin,low impedance and uniform conductive, comfortable treatment.
5. latex-free.
6.Storage temperature:10℃-40℃.

Cat No. Description Qtys/Case (pcs)
716001 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,5x5cm 3000

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