Physiotherapy Tens Electrode Pads Wire,rectangle type

Physiotherapy Tens Electrode Pads Wire,rectangle type

Material: Non-woven fabric with Conductive gel
Connection: Wire
Jack Diameter: Φ2.0mm
Shape: rectangle type.
Size: 25x35mm,40x60mm,40x80mm,50x90mm ,70x100mm or customize.
Package:opp bag,aluminum alloy bag or one side transparent aluminum bag.

1.Self adhesive, reusable and bio-compatible.
2.Good conductivity, strong adhesion with skin, safe and reliable.
3.Durable and Safe structure.
4.Quick and easy to use, soft texture thin,low impedance and uniform conductive, comfortable treatment.
5. latex-free.
6.Storage temperature:10℃-40℃.
Cat No. Description Qtys/Case (pcs)
205001 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,25x35mm 3000
205002 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,40x60mm 3000
205003 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,40x80mm 1600
205004 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,50x90mm 1600
205005 Electrode pads with wire Φ2.0mm ,70x100mm 800

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