PEVA Body Bag with Handle

PEVA Body Bag with Handle
Product name:body bag
Size:200x90cm, 230x90cm, 230x120cm,250x120cm or customized.
Thickness:0.2mm,0.3mm or customized.
Handle:with 6 braided strap handles.
Zipper:U shape zipper or straight zipper.
We can make different size according to customer’s requirements.
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(PCS)
213701 PEVA body bag with 6 handle,Light adult,200x90cm,0.2mm 10
213702 PEVA body bag with 6 handle, Adult,230x90cm,0.2mm 10
213703 PEVA body bag with 6 handle, Heavy Adult,230x120cm,0.3mm 10
213704 PEVA body bag with 6 handle, Heavy Adult,250x120cm,0.3mm 10
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