Non Woven Sterilization SMS Wrap

Non Woven Sterilization SMS Wrap
The SMS sterilization wrap consists of two spunbond layers and one meltblown layers, ensures good flexibility and tensile strength.
The spunbond layers(S) provide good filtration properties,tensile strength and are fluid repellent ,while the meltblown layers(M) ensure strong bacterial barrier properties with very small porous size.
High quality non-woven ensures that lint free and helps protect wrapped contents from contamination.
It offers a high level hydrostatic head property, and thus a high level protection against fluid and particles.
Good air permeability,suitable for steam,EO Gas,and Plasma Sterilization.
It can be used either as inner or outer wrapping of medical devices and trays.
It’s super soft that easy to fold and work with.
30GSM,45GSM,60GSM are available.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
213201 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,300mmx300mm 250
213202 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,400mmx400mm 200
213203 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,450mmx450mm 150
213204 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,500mmx500mm 120
213205 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,600mmx600mm 100
213206 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,750mmx7500mm 80
213207 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,900mmx900mm 50
213208 Non-woven Sterilization SMS Wrap,1000mmx1000mm 30
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