Manual Suction Unit

Manual Suction Unit
Manual Suction Unit

The manual suction unit is light and portable.
It is easy to use by one hand.
Includes 300ml collection jar with 2 soft catheters(1 small,1 large).
The pump is resuable. The jar and catheters are disposable.

Vacuum after 1 minute at 20kPa vacuum:  ≥ 15 kPa
Vacuum after 6 times suction:            ≥ 20 kPa
Vacuum (max):                         ≥ 39.9 kPa 
Disposable container volume:            300ml
External diameter of cap (suction port):    17ml
External diameter of catheter connection:  17mm and 9mm
Stroke adjustment:                      Tum to 50% or 100%
Operating environmental temperature:     -20℃ to +50℃
Storage environmental temperature:       -40℃ to +60℃
Height of container and external diameter of bottom:130mm and 70mm
Net weight:                             230 grams

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Manual suction unit
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