Lithotomic Gynaecology Pack

surgical drapes

Lithotomic Gynaecology Pack

Lithotomic Gynaecology pack provide a clean and safe surgical environment to prevent postoperative infections or patient cross contamination.
Sterile disposable surgical drapes.
It is available to custom surgical pack.

Cat. No.: 213507

1/ea    Instrument Table Cover 100x150cm
1/ea    Lithotomic Gynaecology Drape with Pouch 210x240cm
2/ea    Op-tapes 10x50cm
2/ea    Reinforced Ult. Stitch Surgical Gown Large
2/ea    Hand Towels 40x40cm
1/ea    Bundle Cover 100x100cm
Latex free, 12pcs/case, 60x40x45cm

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