Instant Perineal Cold Pack With Self-Adhesive Strip

Instant Perineal Cold Pack With Self-Adhesive Strip
Perineal instant cold pack especially used for gentle,effecive postpartum care.
Maximum comfort and protection with minimal nursing intervention.
Thermal therapy and absorbent pad in one the all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional supplies, offering suerior cost efficiecy.
Made of soft material, our perineal packs provide safe, controlled and effective thermal therapy and increased absorbency.
Alternate Activation:
Position hands on inner water bag.
Firmly but gently twist inner bag to rupture
Shake to mix contents
Remove outer packaging and peel back adhesive liner.
Apply non-adhesive side to patient and secure pack to undergarment.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
802201 Instant Perineal Cold Pack With Self-adhesive Strip
14.5x33.5cm, 104g
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