Inoculating Loops

Plastic Inoculating Loops
Disposable for collection and inoculation by streaking or puncture method.
Smooth loop surfaces allows easy streaking. No rough plastic edges, flashing or burrs on the loop  head. Loops do not cut or gouge the agar surface during streaking.
Being both sterile and disposable eliminates the risk of cross contamination
All loops are free of any lubricants and do not contaminate any media.
Color-coded sizes for easily identification.
Rigid loops,AS material,quadrangled shaft with strips,ideal for collection single colony and inoculation by puncture.
Flexible loops,ABS materials,hexagonal shaft with a nick,ideal for sampling and inoculation in gel surface by streaking.
20pcs/zip-lock pack,50x20pcs/box,10x1000pcs/ctn
10pcs/zip-lock pack,100x10pcs/box,10x1000pcs/ctn
5pcs/zip-lock pack,100x5pcs/box,10x500pcs/ctn
Individual peel pack,500pcs/box,10x500pcs/ctn
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
Rigid Loops
620601 Rigid loops,AS,natural color,1ul 10000
620602 Rigid loops,AS,blue color,10ul 10000
620603 Rigid loops,AS,yellow,10ul 1ul 10000
Flexible Loops
620604 Flexible loops,ABS,white,1ul 10000
620605 Flexible loops,ABS,blue,10ul 10000
620606 Flexible loops,ABS,yellow,10ul 1ul 10000
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