Human Male Medicine Acupuncture Model( with muscle anatomy)

Human male medicine acupuncture model( with muscle anatomy) 84cm
The model with muscle anatomy is made with a light-colored PVC, placed on the base. Highly illustrated and details,depicts 14 primary channels and marked 361 acupuncture points on meridians and 48 acupuncture points by the outside meridians. along with "CUN" markers for easy evaluation of distances between points. The left side is a subcutaneous view providing an invaluable look at the neural distribution, artery, vein, blood vessel and muscular structures. The left side also depicts upper and lower extremity "Extra" point not located on the Primary channels. Suitable for teaching and learning of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage etc. An English & Chinese pamphlet describing the points is included.
Material: PVC
Size:84cm,with base
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715112 Male human acupuncture model with muscle anatomy 84cm  2
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