Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Pack

Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Pack
The gel pack is easy to use, provides both hot and cold therapy.
Cold Therapy Application
Reduce the swelling and pain caused by inflammation and relieve the sidcomforts associated with :
Joint & Muscle injuries/Back & Neck Pain
Arthritis/Sinus & stress headaches
Poss-surgical pain/ sunburn & other pain
Heat Therapy Application
Relax tight muscles and restore flexibility in a wide variety of ailments such as :
Muscle pain & soreness
Muscle spasms & cramps
Arthritis/Menstrual cramps
Chronic neck or back stiffness
The weights, size and color can be specified.
Material: nylon
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
801702 Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Pack,28*13cm,350g 200
801703 Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Pack,30*18cm,650g 100
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