Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) Pediatric

Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) Pediatric
Heat And Moisture Exchange Filter (HMEF) Pediatric
Blocking particles, bacteria and other pathogens in the anesthesia and breathing circuit from entering the respiratory system.
Heat and moisture exchange filter generally contains a layer of foam or paper embedded with a hydroscopic salt such as calcium chloride 
Low breathing resistance: 120pa
Humidity Output: 24mgH2O/L
Filtration Efficiency: BFE 99.999%   VFE 99.999%
Connections: 22F-22M/15F
Tidal Volume Range: 150-300ml
Dead space: 13ml
Weight: 14g
Color available: Transparent, Green and Light Purple

Cat.No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
132201 Heat and moisture exchange filter, Pediatric 200
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