Head Acupuncture Model

Head Acupuncture Model
This model is made with PVC .It depicts all important head and neck acupuncture channels and points. It also illustrate the Chinese Scalp Therapy insertion lines,selected “extra” points which are not found on the primary channels such as Yu Yao, Yin Tang and the facial micro-system acupoints. An English & Chinese pamphlet describing the points is included.
Application:primary courses in acupuncture treatment of Chinese medicine,acupuncture and massage etc. 
Features: economical, realistic model, technologic standard, non-toxic, unbroken, undeformed, non-smelly, easy to preserve and transport .
Material: PVC
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
715108 Head Acupuncture Model 20cm 30
715109 Head Acupuncture Model 1:1 30
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