Glass Stirring Rod


Glass Stirring Rod With Rounded End

Stirring rods are usually made of glass. Stirring rods are used to stir mixtures and facilitate the pouring of liquids. Glass is the material of choice for stirring rods due to its resistance to chemical reaction. When placed across the top of a beaker so that it lies along the spout, stirring rods can help prevent the liquid being poured from dribbling down the outside of the container.
Used in chemical industry,petrochemical industry,biochemical pharmaceuticals,laboratory and education.
Material:heat resistant 3.3 borosilicate glass
Size: 5*150mm, 5*200mm, 6*300mm, 10*300mm, 12*300mm.
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(PCS)
615401 glass stirring rod with rounded end,5x150mm 5000
615402 glass stirring rod with rounded end,5x200mm 5000
615403 glass stirring rod with rounded end,6x300mm 5000
615404 glass stirring rod with rounded end,10x300mm 5000
615405 glass stirring rod with rounded end,12x300mm 5000
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