Four Layer Compression Bandage System

Four Layer Compression Bandage System

Treats Venous Disease
Manages Edema

Four Layers

Change Frequency:
Up to 7 days

Indications: To deliver therapeutic compression to manage venous disease and asociated edema.

Contraindications: Four layer compression bandage system should not be used on anyone with an ABI of less than 0.8.

Warnings: Compression bandaging of a leg which already has a partially blocked blood supply could stop blood flow into the leg, lead to death of skin, muscle, and possible leg amputation. Remove the bandaging system promptly if there is foot pain, or the toes are cool or numb. If the lower leg is extremely thin or bony, the pressure under the bandage may cause bruising and harm an unprotected or unpadded leg. Failure to detect significantly reduced arterial flow can result in pressure necrosis, amputation, or even death.

Removal Instructions: Carefully cut each layer to remove the bandages.

Cautions: Compression bandaging should be recommended and supervised by a physician or properly licensed healthcare professional. Circumference of the ankle must be at least 18cm or must b padded to be at least 18cm. Care should be used when this bandaging system is used on a person with diabetes.

Frequency of Dressing Change: Four layer compression bandage system may be left in place for up to 7 days. During initial treatment, four layer compression bandage system may need to be changed more frequently due to excessive drainage.

A multi-layer compression bandage system.
Provide higher pressure at the ankle,decreasing pressure at the calf to help improve the upward flood flow
The first layer - Absorbent Padding Bandage
The second layer - Comfortable Bandage
The third layer- Compression Bandage
The fourth layer -Self-Adherent Cohesive Bandage
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FourLayer CompressionBandage System
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