Finger Roller

acupuncture finger massage ring 1
Finger Roller
Finger massage roller is a health care product functioning in acupuncture and moxibustion massage. It can massage acupuncture points on the finger of the joints and enhance the body's blood circulation. Effectively relieve finger caused by repeated mechanical labor pain, numbness and fatigue.
Size:inner diameter 1.0cm,out diameter 2.5cm.
Color:electroplating gold and silver,green,red,blue or customize.
Can help to improve energy and concentration
Includes convenient carrying pouch
One size fits most
Applicable People: Some one who use computer long time, who Play the piano and guitar, who work for gardening, housework, who do hand artwork and so on 
Major market: Gifts, the goods sold, massage health care products,beauty appliances.
Cat No. Description Qty/Case
715001 Finger roller 2000
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