Facial Acupuncture Needle

Facial Acupuncture Needle
The half inch needles with insertion tubes.
The new half inch size acupuncture needle now comes with an guide tube and is especially well designed for facial acupuncture. It features a light weight plastic color coded, easy release comfort grip handle for easy light touch insertion. Box of 100 needles.
Easy and Smooth Insert.
This facial acupuncture needle is made from the superior high quality needle material and the half inch needle comes with a guide tube. The very thin diameters available with the facial acupuncture needles make this needle extra flexible yet even easier to control and insert smoothly with the guide tube.
Cat. No. Description Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
713301 Facial Acupuncture Needle, Royal Blue 0.10 15
713302 Facial Acupuncture Needle, Dark Green 0.12 15
713303 Facial Acupuncture Needle, Lime Green 0.14 15
713304 Facial Acupuncture Needle, Red 0.16 15
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