EMS Muscle Stimulator

EMS muscle stimulator
EMS Muscle Stimulator

EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) stimulator is desiged to treat muscular injuries.It works by electronic pulses to the muscle and make it exercise passively to improve and facilitate muscle performance.
EMS+Massage Electrotherapy Device,2-in-1 Electrotherapy Unit, EMS and Pulse Massager Combination. EMS function main for muscle shaping and increase muscle strength, MASSAGE function main for relieving muscle tension and fatigue.
Featured Pre-programmed 18 treatment modes (15 EMS+3 MASSAGE).
Low frequency EMS stimulator provide completely safe, non-invasive and drug-free nerve stimulation therapy .

Accessorier as follows:
EMS stimulator 1pc
Electrode pad (50mmx50mm) 4pcs
Electrode wires 2pcs
Ordinary batteries (1.5V, AAA) 4pcs
User manual 1pc

Package:1pc/color box,50boxes/ctn,47x34x33cm.

Cat No.
EMSMuscle Stimulator low frequency
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