Disposable BP Cuff, Double tube

Disposable BP Cuff, Double tube
 Disposable BP Cuff, Double tube 

Disposable blood pressure cuff for single patient use and more economical.
With soft and absorbed material,better improve patient comfort.
No warranty period,but could be replaced upon faulty found at first use.
Double tubes, 20cm long
OEM service offered
Cuff Material: Non-Woven Laminated PVC
Tube :PVC material,with or without adapter
Cat. No. Description Limb Cir. Qty/Case( Pcs )
Double Tube Disposable Blood Pressure cuff
101913 Disposable,Two Tube,Neonate 1# 3.3-5.6cm 500
101914 Disposable,Two Tube,Neonate 2# 4.2-7.1cm 500
101915 Disposable,Two Tube,Neonate 3# 5-10.5cm 500
101916 Disposable,Two Tube,Neonate 4# 6.9-11.7cm 500
101917 Disposable,Two Tube,Neonate 5# 8.9-15cm 500
101918 Disposable,Two Tube,Infant 9-14.8cm 300
101919 Disposable,Two Tube,Small Child 12.4-16.8cm 250
101920 Disposable,Two Tube,Child 15.8-21.3cm 200
101921 Disposable,Two Tube,Small Adult 20-27cm 100
101922 Disposable,Two Tube, Adult 25.3-34.3 100
101923 Disposable,Two Tube,Large Adult 32.1-43.4cm 80
101924 Disposable,Two Tube,Thigh 46-66cm 50
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