Disposable Blood Transfusion Set

Disposable Blood Transfusion Set
D isposable Blood Transfusion Set
Plastic spike, drip chamber, net shape filter, ABS flow regulator, with air vent or without, with non latex or latex flash ball, with luer lock or luer slip connector,
with or without hypodermic needle, with Y connector or without, PVC tubing 1.5m or 2.0m. Individually PE bag pack, ETO sterile, 25pcs/big bag, 300pcs/ctn.
The specification can be specified by customers.
Cat. No. Air vent Flash ball connector Hypodermic needle Y connector PVC tubing
411801   latex Luer slip   1.5
411802 latex Luer lock 1.5
411803 latex Luer lock   1.5
411804   Non latex Luer lock     2.0
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