Corn Paste / Corn Removal Plaster / Callosity Plaster

Corn Paste / Corn Removal Plaster / Callosity Plaster

Contain salicylic acid for fast and effective relief of corns.
A soft cushion ring in the center is to provide extra relief to the corn. Simple application,
long lasting relief.
Ingredients: Each containing ointment is 0.2 grams per gram ointment containing salicylic acid, 780 mg, 40 mg of phenol. Accessories for paraffin, Vaseline, carmine.
Indications function: for corn.
Specification: 0.2 grams.
Usage and dosage: With the former will develop in the hot water soak for 10 minutes, dry, this product will cover the tear film after posted on the affected area, after 24 hours, such as skin softening pale, and slightly feeling pain, can change medicine 1 times (should be removed before white softening layer). If not that the phenomenon can be extended with time, until the corns all off.
1. External use only
2. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds and damaged skin
3. Stop using the plaster if feeling uncomfortable in the treatment
4. Keep out of reach children
Adverse reaction: visible skin irritation, corrosion.
Storage: keep sealed.

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Corn Paste / Corn Removal Plaster / Callosity Plaster 5pcs/box
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