Cooling Gel Pillow

Cooling Gel Pillow
Recent sleep studies have shown that cooling the brain is a simple, effective method to help relieve insomnia.
Soothes sore, aching muscles, numbness, headaches and stress pain. Also great for hot flashes and nigh weaters.
Absorb heat from the body to help you sleep better in hot days.
Ideal choice for home beds, toddler beds, hospital settings lounging around.
Lower your body temperature immediately
The cooling effect can lasts up to 3 hours
Non-toxic, environmental-friendly energy saving.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
802501 Cooling Gel Pillow, 18x29.5cm,650g Material:Polyester Taffeta 120
802502 Cooling Gel Pillow, 18.5x31cm,1000g Material:PE&Nylon EVA 100
802503 Cooling Gel Pillow, 21.6x31.8cm,1040g Material:PE&Nylon PVC 80
802504 Cooling Gel Pillow, 45.7x32.6cm,400g,Material: PVC 100
802505 Cooling Gel Pillow, 54.7x31.4cm,420g,Material: PVC 100
802506 Cooling Gel Pillow, 47.5x32.5cm,420g,Material: PVC 100
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