Cell and Tissue Culture Flask

Cell and Tissue Culture Flask
Cell and tissue culture flasks made with high transparency polystyrene.
Three types of area for cell culture: 25 cm2, 75cm2 and 175cm2.
Available with 3 volumes of 50ml,250ml and 600ml.
2 different cap styles can be used in both open and closed systems, seal cap and vent cap.
The engraved graduation on both sides helps users to fill accurate medium volume.
TC treated and Non-treated are both available.
Sterilized by Gamma irradiation.
RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.
Cat No. Product Cell Area TC treatment Cap Type Qty/Case
620701 50mlcell culture flask 25 cm² Treated Plug seal 200
620702 25 cm² Treated Filter vent 200
620703 25 cm² No Plug seal 200
620704 25 cm² No Filter vent 200
620705 250ml cell culture flask 75 cm² Treated Plug seal 100
620706 75 cm² Treated Filter vent 100
620707 75 cm² No Plug seal 100
620708 75 cm² No Filter vent 100
620709 600ml cell culture flask 175 cm² Treated Plug seal 40
620710 175 cm² Treated Filter vent 40
620711 175 cm² No Plug seal 40
620712 175 cm² No Filter vent 40
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