Bamboo Cupping Set

Bamboo Cupping Set

Bamboo cupping set can be used for various kinds of medical treatment areas such as medical internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, skin disease treatment and five-sense-organs diseases treatment.
Has especially good effective for curing heatstroke.
Improve immunity and accelerate blood circulation, care for your health.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
801028 Bamboo cupping set,ID/OD:4/5cm,height:10cm 50
801029 Bamboo cupping set,ID/OD:5/6cm,height:10cm 50
801030 Bamboo cupping set,ID/OD:6/7cm,height:12cm 50
801031 Bamboo cupping set,ID/OD:7/8cm,height:12cm 50
801032 Bamboo cupping set,ID/OD:8/9cm,height:12cm 50
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