Adjustable Venturi Mask

Adjustable Venturi Mask
Adjustable Venturi Mask
Adjustable venture mask is safe, simple delivery of variable oxygen concentrations.
Made of clear, non-toxic PVC, adjustability clip nose.
With seven color-coded diluters: 24% blue, 28% white, 31% orange, 35% yellow, 40% red, 50% pink, 60% green.
Include adaptor for high humidity entrainment.
With 2m anti-crush tube.
Kit includes mask, high humidity adaptor, oxygen tube and color-coded diluters.
Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
130501 Adjustable Venturi Mask, XL 100
130502 Adjustable Venturi Mask, L 100
130503 Adjustable Venturi Mask, M 100
130504 Adjustable Venturi Mask, S 100
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