1.5ml Screw Cap Freezing Tube

1.5ml Screw Cap Freezing Tube
Freezing tube manufactured from high quality polypropylene.
Freezing Vials withstand low temperatures for safe storage and transportation of cells, blood, serum and other specimens.
Sterile or Non sterile available.
Made of high quality polypropylene.
Size: 1.5ml
Bottom:conical bottom
Cap colors:yellow,pink,orange,green,white,blue,red.
Wall uniform, transparent tubes are also available with seven additional cap colors.
Closures containing silicone gasket, better avoid liquid leakage
Tight screw cap, ensure that the liquid does not leak
Temperature range: -196 ℃ -121 ℃
DNase/RNase-free and Non-pygenic
Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs)
618001 1.5ml Screw Cap Freezing Tube,conical bottom,sterile 10000
618002 1.5ml Screw Cap Freezing Tube,conical bottom,non sterile 10000
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